We tackle the IT shortage for leading companies


of IT vacancies go unfilled in Latin America per year.

Instead of focusing on the shortage of seniors, we focus on developing potential:

Thus, we help our clients hire, upskill, or reskill talents they hadn't considered before: diverse, committed, and eager to contribute to the company that gives them their growth opportunity.

We reduce opportunity costs:

Through a flow of ready-to-work collaborators, we guarantee the constant production capacity your company needs to unlock new business opportunities.



on average, are the costs related to each unfilled vacancy.


of CTOs claim turnover is harming the team.

We develop real work experience:

Our entire methodology is based on developing real projects for your company. Unprioritized backlog, innovation, and any projects that are not undertaken due to lack of team are the ideal opportunity for our seniors to lead on-the-job training for your developers, under your company's requirements and technologies.

We develop experience in software developers so that our clients can complete their teams in record time.

Sounds familiar?

We are not a coding school, we are not a software factory. We arew a customized solution for large companies.






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you need

We're making it happen

How do we do it?

We work in squads to upskill or reskill developers, integrating new skills into your existing teams or incorporating ready-to-work juniors.

Our leaders

Specialized and trained in your company's technological stack and methodologies, they will oversee the evolution of your juniors and ensure the software meets requirements.

Your developers

Guided by our seniors, they'll gain real experience while developing technical and soft skills, and integrating into your company culture.


Programming Experience Platform.

The magic of our methodology lies in the data.

Our software is the differentiator and a great ally of our staff. It turns our training into a guided and measured process to enhance the development of each of your juniors and achieve their best version.

Our Team

I envision Teamcubation solving companies' huge problems and providing first job opportunities to thousands of people.

Mariano Wechsler

I envision continuing to grow and scale with excellence.

Diego Jolodenco

I envision Teamcubation being recognized for democratizing access to work in the software industry.

Agustin Pina
Head of Training

I envision Teamcubation setting the comprehensive standard for training and onboarding new talents in companies worldwide.

Jonathan Tapicer

I envision data, used transparently and collaboratively, being the innovation engine that allows us to raise the standard in talent integration worldwide.

Ezequiel Ursztein
Head of Data & Analytics

I envision an amazing place to work, where people always want to come back.

Florencia Diaz
Head of People

I envision Teamcubation being an exemplary model of operational efficiency, strategic agility, and collaborative culture.

Tomás Muñoz

The Results